looking for the ultimate advantage?

Have you read all the books, taken all the typical training, but know there's more?  Do you have the discipline to do what most people will not?  Are you competitive enough to embrace discomfort and allow it to transform you?

All the typical challenges with strategy, organizational change, reducing cost and increasing revenue persist.  Now we're entering the age of Artificial Intelligence.  How will you maintain your edge?

Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our energy, ability to think and focus, and resilience under pressure are directly related to these three areas.  We rely on these capabilities to be creative, gain insight, lead organizations, make clear decisions, and more.  We can directly affect these capabilities by supporting the foundational areas they rest on.

Biohacking is the practice of manipulating our internal and external environments to create changes that support these foundational areas.  These practices are the key to unlocking potential most people will never dare to come close to.

Physical Performance


Cognitive Performance

The Process

The coaching process involves conversation that explores your goals and follows the path you want to take to achieve them.  In support of your goals there are resources and practices I will introduce to fully optimize your body, mind, and spirit along the way.  These resources will focus on key foundations that support everything we do.



Sleep, Rest, and Meditation




Mindset Shift

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