Inspiration: Armless NASCAR Engineer Overcomes

This is belief!

I had never heard about Richie Parker until yesterday, but better late than never.  I recently wrote about five limiting beliefs we should all let go of, but this guy has done that and then some!  Richie was born with no arms, but learned to feed himself, ride a bike, drive a car, work on cars, and do computer aided design work for NASACAR with his feet…are you kidding me!

Wow!  That’s how I felt last night after I watched this video.  A big part of my job is helping others explore ways to move past what they view as obstacles.  Aside from the positive focus and encouragement from Richie’s parents, I’m confident he did not have a personal coach helping him day after day.

What drives someone like Richie to find ways to live like this in a world that tells him he can’t?  Even if the world was not that way, his day to day experiences growing up could easily have felt insurmountable.  Richie’s vision of his life was different.  He wanted to be independent, to not need help from others, and that’s what drove him to find a way to do it all.  Richie’s goals required that he found a way to overcome.  His focus on those goals created the persistence and wherewithal to chip away until he found success.  As Richie says, “I don’t know there’s a lot in life that I’d say I can’t do.  Just things I haven’t done yet.”.  We would all do well to believe this.

What do we feel we can’t do and is that really the case?  What’s preventing us from doing it and what could we do about it?  Find one thing you’ve felt like you could do nothing about and focus on what’s blocking you.  Come up with three options to begin chipping away at the obstacle and then commit to taking the action.  Turn this behavior into a habit and you’ll find a whole new world is out there.

If you’re having trouble, reach out to a business or life coach to help you out.  In a world where we need to learn and adapt faster, working with a coach is an advantage that will accelerate your goals.

Have a great week!